The ECE Academy 2009 Inductees

The department is proud to present the inaugural class of inductees. Click on a name to read that person's biography.


Ossian W. Drane, BSEE 1909 - Received the First Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from UF

Neal Storter, BSEE 1912 - Originator of the Gator Mascot

John Atanasoff, BSEE 1925 - Inventor of the Digital Computer

Robert Pittman, BSEE 1950 - Distinguished Flying Cross Recipient

Don Estridge, BSEE 1959 - “Father of the IBM PC”

Robert Handley, BSEE 1962 - Director of Marketing, Allied /Signal

A. Wayne Bennett, PhD  1966 - Former Dean at Clemson and Mississippi State University, Board of Directors of the IEC, ECEDHA and the IEEE Foundation

Manuel Fernandez, BSEE 1967 - Entrepreneur, Founder of Gavilan Computer Corp, CEO of Gartner

Leon W. Couch, II, ME 1964, PhD 1968 - UF Professor Emeritus and Textbook Author

Victor Zue, BSEE 1968 - Director, MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Richard Jaeger, BSEE 1966, ME 1966, PhD 1969 - Auburn Distinguished University Professor and Textbook Author

Sachio Semmoto, PhD 1971 - Entrepreneur, founder of DDI Corp, eAccess Ltd

James Spoto, BSEE 1973,   ME 1974 - President and CEO of Applied Wave Research

Pedro Rustan, PhD 1979 - Retired Air Force Colonel

Christopher Tice, BSEE 1981 - Cadence Corporate Vice President and General Manager

Jack L. Kouloheris, BSEE 1982 - Senior Manager, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Chris Malachowsky, BSEE 1983 - Co-Founder of NVIDIA

Hyung-Kyu Lim, PhD 1984 - CTO of Samsung

Mark Adler, MSEE 1985 - Jet Propulsion Laboratory Fellow, Mission Manager for the Mars Exploration Rover "Spirit", and Data Compression pioneer

R. Alan Hastings, BSEE 1985 - Senior Design Engineer, TI Fellow, Textbook Author

Lesa Roe, BSEE 1986 - Head of NASA Langley Research Center

Paul Suchoski, BSEE 1982, ME 1985, PhD 1986 - Entrepeneur, former VP Uniphase, former CEO Optium

Timothy Tucker, BSEE 1988 - President, Tucker-Davis Technologies

Chuan Wang, PhD, 1996, Founder & CEO Teleepoch, Ltd

Linda C. Rae, BSEE 1997 - Chief Operating Officer of Keithley Instruments.